Map of South West BC and North West Washington State:  showing Greater Vancouver Regional District GVRD cities-municipalities & Abbotsford and Chilliwack to the East  + WASHINGTON STATE MAP includes:  Blaine, Ferndale, Lynden, Nooksak and North Bellingham shows major highways including: TransCanada, Highway 99 in BC which becomes Washington State's I5 Highway

Map from Weller Cartographic Services Ltd. shows major Golf Courses (organge dots on map) in S.W. BC & adjoining N.W. Washington State.

Top of regional map with West Vancouver, North Vancouver, City of Vancouver,  Burnaby, Coquitlam,  Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, in South West British Columbia
Regional map middle: showing Richmond, New Westminster, Delta,  Surrey, Langley,  Matsqui, , Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack
Regional Map Bottom:  Canada BC, Washington State Border :  showing Blaine Washington,  Ferndale, North Bellingham & Bellingham,  Lynden, Nooksack & Everson

Putting businesses, services and destinations on the map.   Promoting business, trade and tourism among Canada's South Western BC / the USA Pacific Northwest of Washington State / Asia-Pacific-Rim Countries

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State Government
State Capital located at:
416 14th Ave. SW
Olympia, WA 98504


  • Bellingham/Whatcom County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

    "Whether for the weekend or an extended stay, we offer a break from the ordinary. With magnificent natural scenery, unique cultural attractions, charming villages and waterfront adventures, the Bellingham Mt. Baker region is a unique area of Washington state. .... We are the Bellingham/Whatcom County Convention and Visitors Bureau, a non-profit association dedicated to serving visitors." [quote fr. website 2005.09.05]

Travel & Tourism in Washington

Introductory overviews of United States of America - USA the Country

  • USA C.I.A.'s fact book
    Intro. to USA by CIA Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book web site.

Legal Resources on the Net-Web

  • Cross-Border USA-Canada Criminal Defense Lawyers
    Dil Gosal, JD, LLM Attorney at Law
    member of Washington Bar
  • Cross-Border USA-Canada Corporate Business Lawyers
    Lawyers-BC Business Lawyers Directory of Lawyers expereinced in USA and Canada laws dealing with e.g. intellectual property, business immigration visas including NAFTA work permits,
    • Corporate / Commercial Law
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • International Investment & Transactions
    • International Structure & Finance
    • Technology Law
    • Business Outsourcing, Insourcing, Offshoring, Nearshoring
    • Business Succession Planning
    • including Wills & Estate Law
    • Commercial, Construction and Engineering Litigation
    • Professional Practice Issues and Disputes

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Jeffery S. Lowe, Canada Business-Immigration Lawyer, Vancouver BC

photo Jeffrey Lowe in office overlooking False Creek in Vancouver

Jeffery S. Lowe heads the Business Immigrant Team and the Global HR Team of Lowe & Company.  This firm has helped individuals and businesses in over 50 countries immigrate, do business and handle their intracompany transfer needs e.g. through NAFTA work permits and visas to Canada.

Visit for a wealth of information about Canada's Citizenship and Immigration programs.

Jeffery and his team of lawyers, notaries and relocation specialists are fluent in:  English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Teo Chiu Chinese, Polish, and Arabic.

Jeffrey S. Lowe
barrister & solicitor, B.Comm., LLB
Lowe and Company
#900 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4J7
phone: (604) 875-9338 fax: (604) 875-1325
web-site: your site for Canada Work Permits & Visas for Skilled Trades Workers and Employers seeking help with placement in high demand occupations in BC and Alberta's booming building, mining and infrastructure industries.

Jeffrey and his team of lawyers and registered immigration consultants have more than 20 years of experience in helping clients come from over 50 countries to work / live / study in Canada.

This page is in part sponsored by Lowe & Company as a public service for people looking for immigration lawyers and services in the Vancouver and South Western BC area.

See also article on "Why Use a Canada Immigration Lawyer to Help Your Application for a Special Work Permit or Application?  Why Not Do-It-Yourself?

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Canadian Business-Corporate Graphic Designers · Creative Consultants · Book Illustrators · Cartographers · MapMakers

Canadian businesses doing business in Asia?  China-Asian businesses wanting to expand to English speaking North American market on line - consider the following graphics professionals with experience in corporate brand development and marketing in print, TV and Web media.

  • Canadian - Chinese corporate graphic designer and creative director in Hong Kong, China
    • Tony Yau BFA, MVA (Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Visual Arts from York University, Toronto and University of Alberta, Edmonton) - has designed web and print media/sites for Xerox-Fuiji, Hong Kong Telecom, Ikea furniture etc.
      Sample work in 2003-2004 for Chinese speaking audiences include:
    • Tony has also been the creative director for TV advertising commercials and web sites for Vancouver, Real Estate Developers and realtors e.g. Anson Realty (in the late 1990's)
    • A recent venture into children's animated graphics and toy marketing can be seen at a children's e-card web site.

  • Canadian - S.E. Asian corporate graphic designer and creative director in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; and Indonesia
  • Canada's PDF maps and cartographic / map-making-design specialist
  • Children's Books Illustrator and Interior Designer in Vancouver
    • Christine Wong
      see samples of her color pencil drawings and other illustration work for preschool and young children's art appreciation development classes held at The Crystal Mall, Vancouver's newest, largest, centrally located, Asian-Chinese shopping mall in the metrotown area of Burnaby.
    • Christine is trained in Hong Kong and Vancouver, a gifted illustrator-designer inspired by her 3 young children and supportive husband.

Canada · USA Business & Immigration Consultants

CLICK TO Canada's Business-Immigration Law Firm  of Lowe and Company, lawyers and business consultants  speak  Manadarin, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects

Promoting Hong Kong and China Business Tourism Services

Australia Tourism Services

Honolulu, Hawaii City Government & Health Services

South Pacific Manus Island Tourism

Promoting Canada Business Tourism Services

Canada Work Permits-Visas, Intracompany Transfer & NAFTA Work Permits

Patents, Trade Marks & Copyright

Provincial Laws & Publications

  • intro. to provincial government legal information and lawyers services

  • Self Counsel Press · Legal & Business Publisher - books for the layman in everyday English

Manufacturing Standards

Insurance Services

Business Disaster-Emergency Planning

Canada Newspapers on-line

Canada English & Chinese Ethnic Language TV & Radio Services

  • CBC national TV
  • multi-lingual programing e.g. China Satellite News, Taiwan Satellite News, Canada News and programs in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese etc.
  • primarily a Cantonese TV and Shaw cable service in Vancouver with special coverage of Canada's Chinese immigrant communities in Vancouver and Toronto news as well as international news coverage, eg. through Hong Kong Satellite News
  • Radio Stations AM 1470
  • Radio Stations FM 96.1

General Information

Web Hosting for Canada & the World and Canada's Small Business Web Hosting solutions and

Being a TuCows affiliate [] the famous shareware and web services network - gives / ample experience to provide a full spectrum of web hosting solutions for businesses, from the SOHO micro-business, to full co-location 24 x 7 (twenty-four hours a day - seven days a week) tech-support - these folks are based in Vancouver, they are bandwidth and personalized service specialists!

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How "findable" is your business-organization web site? 

The best looking web site in the world that is not seen, is not a good return on your investment.  Visit - helping small businesses and non-profit organizations achieve high search engine rankings since 1995.

Vancouver professionals guide to downtown hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions, B.Wong, BA, Library Technician - Vancouver Fact Checker


Canada Business Information - STRATEGIS

Canadian Business Magazines Online

Canada Business Service Centres

Canada's Laws · Legislation · Courts

  • Introductory directory of Federal and Provincial information sources

Provincial Business Service Centres

eBusiness Web & Blog Sites

  • BC also has an "excellent e-business information site called eBusiness Connection" at

  • see also e-Business Website Blog [for BC] e-business commentary, news, and insider tips for small business on a budget.

Canada Export Information

Sponsored by the Government of Canada

Employers Online-Web Resource

Sponsored by Government of Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Directories of Canada Immigration Lawyers

Canada Business & Immigration Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

Lawyers , attorneys, notaries & Certified Registered Canada Immigration Consultants and business consultants with over 20 years of immigration service experience helping clients from over 50 countries.  Professionals fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Arabic and Polish

Read articles about Canada's Immigration Laws & Regulations from

Canadian Economic Policy Think Tanks

  • C.C. Howe Institute

    Since its formation in 1973, the C.D. Howe Institute has earned a reputation as Canada's most respected independent, nonprofit, economic and social policy research institution. Governments, the media, and Canadians in every region look to the Institute to provide balanced, well-reasoned, and comprehensible analysis of issues of national interest. From the beginning, the recipe for the Institute's success has consisted of equal measures of objectivity, professionalism, and relevance. [quoted from profile/history.htmlenglish/profile/history.html 2003/04/08

  • The Fraser Institute

    As an independent public policy organization, The Fraser Institute focuses on the role competitive markets play in providing for the economic and social well-being of all Canadians. [quoted from 2003/07/11] and Canada's Small Business Web Hosting solutions

Internet Web Domain Names - Canada

  • the original .CA domain name registrar of Canadian domain names

Web Hosting · Business Web Sites · Business Solutions

  • aka is a TuCows affiliate [see].  They offer a full spectrum of web hosting solutions for businesses, from the SOHO micro-business, to full co-location 24x7 technical support - these folks are based in Vancouver, they are bandwidth and personalized service specialists!

    Canada's original dot.CA domain registrar, based in Vancouver, BC. is not only the largest registrar of dot.CA domain names in Canada, it also provides a full range of corporate web hosting services.

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  • Bell Mobility

  • AIC

  • Telus Mobility

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