This is a Very large detailed State of California, U.S.A. road & highway map about 2000 pixels wide and 2400 pixels in height - map graphic-images courtesy of Weller Cartographic Services at to return to our main California Maps area click here! 

Detailed Road-Highway Map of whole State of California  -  THIS IS a 1.7 megabyte image download

Additional Information

California USA Longitude & Latitude Geographic Location General Information

The above map of California shows the state geograhic-area location covered by:

  • 42 degrees North Latitude [at the Oregon State border] and
  • south to 32 degrees North Latitude [at the Mexican border]
  • From 124 degree West Longitude [Pacific Ocean] and North East / East; to
  • 114 degress West Longitude [at the Nevada State border et al States]

Provenance of State of California, Highway-Road Map

The map to the left of this background profile was produced by Master Cartographer, Angus Weller.

The original map is in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format

  • Scale at 100%:  1:1,790,000 approximate
  • Map Size:  64.5cm x 100cm (28" x 36")
  • Content:  A detailed interactive road map of California
  • Language:  English
  • Comments:  The map of California is a detailed interactive road map of the state, about 1,200 communities and 200 parks are shown and labelled.  The road system is shown but local information should also be used to plot your route like detailed local maps and road signs.  The approximate mileage is shown between many points on the map.
  • Author:  Weller Cartographic Services Ltd.
  • Weller Cartographic Services mapmaker Angus Weller has been a contributing content sponsor of since 2002.
  • Price:  Adobe Illustrator® file version of this California highway map is available for personal use, and is $100.00 CDN contact us for more information.

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