Effective August 01, 2010 the law offices of LEARN ZENK have moved from Burnaby to Port Moody, BC

Learn Zenk barristers and solicitors, continue to serve Burnaby clients but their new offices will make it easier to accommodate a growing clientele in the Tri-Cities of Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody and the eastern and south eastern municipalities that make up the Metro Vanoucver Region.

Map of Metro Vancouver cities/municipalities showing  LEARN ZENK law offices move  to Port Moody  from Burnaby  with detailed street map from Google Maps and Regional Map from Weller Cartographic Services - click to Google.ca/maps  and get detailed street map of Port Moody location of Learn Zenk offices

A street map to their new offices on Brew St., Port Moody can be found at Google Maps http://google.ca/maps

The map above is by Weller Cartographic Services www.mapmatrix.com

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