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Dr. Bing Guan, M.D. (China), R.T.C.M.P | Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Practioner | Originally trained and qualified as a Medical Doctor in the People's Republic of China | Registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM in BC, Canada



一九九七年关医师移居加拿大BC省维多利亚市,开设中医诊所,一九九九年成为首批BC省注册的中医针灸师, 关秉俊医师不因循守旧,善於研究及总结经验,在研究神经压迫症状,慢性劳损等有独特的发现和见解,继而形成了一套独到的手法,较传统的方法疗效更加显著,大大缩短了疗程,用实力赢得了华洋同行的尊敬。





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Medical Schools Training & Education in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM in China

  • Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, China
    "Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the four oldest colleges of its kind in China and is directly governed by the State Administration of TCM. The university is located at Sanyuanli, near the foot of Baiyun mountain in northern Guangzhou. As traditional Chinese medicine gains importance throughout the world, so does Guangzhou University of TCM as a base for academic exchange and research. "[quote fr. website 2005.03.19]

  • Jinan University, medical School, "Jinan University is the first University in China that incorporated a medical School. Its Medical School, which was accredited in September 1979, is the first institute that offers 6-year training programs of medicine in China. Today, the Medical College incorporates 4 departments: department of clinical medicine, department of stomatology, department of nursing and department of traditional Chinese medicine. There are 8 hospitals affiliated to the college: the Overseas Chinese (the 1st Affiliated Hospital), Shenzhen People Hospital (the 2nd one), Zhuhai People Hospital (the 3rd one), Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital (the 4th one), Qingyuan People's Hospital (the 5th one), Jiangmen Chinese Medicine Hospital (the 6th one), Shenzhen Ophthalmology Center and Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Hospital. Additionally, it also has a nursing school."[quote fr. website 2005.03.19]

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Below is a Sample of a public education article written in English by Dr. Guan, on the topic of Chinese complimentary medical approaches to treating arthitis

A Practical Chinese Treatment Program for Arthritis from a TCM Practioner

Dr. Bing Jun Guan MD (China) R.TCM P
[Dr. Guan is trained as a medical doctor in China and in Canada's Province of B.C. is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner]

This is an introductory article for general information purposes only. It shares with readers perspectives gained from Traditional Chinese Medicine studies as well as the treatment experiences of patients in Dr. Guan's clinical treatment work over the years. Please note, we are not suggesting that you not take the advice of your western trained medical doctors/physicians... we are suggesting that you look at a broader/different perspective on the treatment for arthitic pain.

If you, or someone you care for, is diagnosed with arthritis, you may be told that arthritis cannot be healed, that you must live with pain and painkillers the rest of your life. But, a diagnosis of arthritis does not mean you have to suffer constant pain and stiffness. You can still live a normal lifestyle with manageable pain and keep most of the function of your joints.

By understanding the factors that can improve the condition of an arthritic joint, the Chinese have developed a therapeutic program to help those with arthritis stay in good shape mentally and physically.

What are the positive approaches to arthritis (as seen by a "Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner") ?

Number one:  Relatively right/correct alignment.

Well-designed alignment is the foundation of a joint. No matter the cause of the arthritis, your joint's mechanical structure will go out of shape. That means the joint no longer has matching parts. The bones push against each other once you use the joint. This misalignment causes more inflammation on top of the arthritis. To reset and maintain the alignment, we use manipulative massage therapy. Misalignment also causes poor local circulation. Maintaining good alignment of the joint is essential care to prevent arthritis.

Number two:  Circulation within the local structure.

When the joint is inflamed, it swells on the inside and outside. The swelling blocks the body's own anti-inflammatory system, leaving the joint relatively isolated from the blood stream - an important source of nutrition for tissues. Misalignment also impedes the flow of nutrition to the joint. Topical herbal application and massage with manipulation will help to improve flow of blood and lymph. At chronic periods, heat is recommended because of its enhancing blood flow effect. Once the circulation recovers, the joint has more chance to survive and inflammation will ease. Medicines will also be more easily transported to the "target joint"

Number three:  Boost immunity and general system condition.

Whether or not the arthritis is related to issues of autoimmunity, it indicates that forces of destruction are greater than those of repair. We believe that herbal remedies and acupuncture can help regulate this imbalance and fine-tune your immune reaction.

Number four:  Practice a balanced health lifestyle.

This is includes diet, exercise, and avoiding any activities that tax your immunity. When the alignment is set, exercise is very important for keeping muscles in shape. Muscular movement should be considered as a local pump to the tissues and structures around joints. Strong and healthy muscles also help to keep joints in alignment.

TO help you overcome arthritis and maintain a healthy lifestyle our clinic has set up a holistic therapeutic program for patients with arthritis. We practice:

  • Manipulative Massage Therapy to improve alignment and circulation.
  • Acupuncture to boost immunity and reduce the pain level. We have many successful cases of people with reduced pain and improvement in general condition.
  • Exercise instruction to maintain the joints involved
  • Diet and lifestyle counseling -- to ensure you don't eat foods that may be detrimental to you. (We also strongly recommend long-johns [woolen underwear] in winter!)
  • Topically-applied herbal remedies for troubled joints. This is an interesting therapy, because different types of arthritis use different formulas.

By taking control of your health with these positive approaches, people with arthritis can easily live an active lifestyle and reduce the risk of the side-effects of painkillers [and/or anti-inflammatory medications].

For more information, please contact:

Guan's TCM Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine
111 - 1026 Johnson Street,
Victoria, BC
Canada V8V 3N7

Phone:  (250) 995-0028

© Copyright 2005, Dr. Bing Guan, Victoria, BC, Canada

Note:  the Chinese text preceding this English article, is an introduction in Simplied Chinese Text providing readers with a background of Dr. Guan's training in China and his own synthesis of treatment approaches to a number of physical ailments-problemns in his work in China's hospitals/clinics and his own work in Canada since 1997.


Credits: Chinese Simplified Text encoding done for Chinese/Japanese Lanuage Project by K. Tsao, Global Travel Services based in Victoria's Historic Chinatown 2005.07.21