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Chinese Food Restaurants & Shops in Hong Kong, China |  Promotion & Information Services in Chinese and English

Anjolico's Guide to Hong Kong Restaurants ·Cafes ·Specialty Food Dining ·Places to Eat ·Markets

Hong Kong remains one of the centres of great Chinese food / cuisine in the world.  Here we look at not just food for visitors and expensive occasions - we also look at food restaurants and shops that people use everyday (and night) in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong street restaurants for all season all weather eating nite/winter photo by Tony Yau, graphic designer

Here we will highlight some local Hong Kong neighborhood food outlets-services:  from fast food, to BBQ shops and fresh vegetable / seafood markets, to favorite restaurants and cafe's of's Hong Kong correspondent and contributing Chinese-Asian graphic designer Tony Yau and his multi-media marketing associates.

Anjolico's Guide to Hong Kong Restaurants ·Cafes ·Specialty Food Dining ·Places to Eat list of personal favorite Hong Kong Restaurants

"... Eating out is a way of life in Hong Kong, where apartment kitchens tend to be tiny and the stove is often just a couple of gas rings. Most Chinese families eat out at least three times a week. This means that restaurants are hugely varied in price and cuisine, ranging from large and noisy dim sum canteens to highly fashionable haunts. Local Cantonese cooking can be delicious..." to to following web page to see and read more Restaurants from Cities Guide for Hong Kong

Official Hong Kong Tourism Board Introduction to Hong Kong Dining

"... As you would expect, good Chinese restaurants are found everywhere in Hong Kong. Some of the best can be found in major hotels and shopping complexes. Most specialise in one or more of the following:  Cantonese, Chiu Chow, Hunan, Szechuan, Peking, Shanghainese or Chinese Vegetarian. ..."
[quote 04.09.19 ] fr. their web site at

Japanese Food · Restaurants

Sai Kung District of Hong Kong

  • Japanese Sashimi

    "List of Licensed Restaurants Approved to Sell Sashimi for Consumption on the Premises" [list of 19 restaurants with names and addresses - from Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China web site 2004.09.18]

  • Japanese Sushi "List of Licensed Restaurants Approved to Sell Sushi for Consumption on the Premises" [from Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Government of Hong Kong

Cantonese Restaurants

  • Yan Toh Heen Restaurant in the InterContinental Hong Kong hotel

    "Yan Toh Heen (formerly known as Lai Ching Heen) is recognised as one of the world's finest Chinese restaurants and is the showpiece of InterContinental Hong Kong, specialising in fine Cantonese cuisine." [website quote 040919]

Hong Kong Restaurant Reviews Etc.

  • restaurant reviews by Walter & Cherie Glaser

    "... it not surprising that a huge proportion of the top 20 restaurants listed in the Hong Kong Fine Dining Guide are located in Hong Kong's great hotels. Here are some of the city's great dining experiences. If you are headed for the harbour city and try these, you'll be dining exceedingly well.... " [fr. webpage 04.09.19]

  • for Hong Kong Restaurants

  • Floating Restaurants

    "...Jumbo and Tai Pak Floating Restaurants in Aberdeen Harbour, it is an internationally renowned tourist attraction. As a Hong Kong icon and a premier tourism and fine-dining establishment...""

Hong Kong Food Industry Information

  • Profile:  Hong Kong's Processed Food and Beverages Industry information from

    "...The Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) was concluded in June 2003. Ice cream and other edible ice made in Hong Kong, subject to the CEPA's rules of origin, will enjoy duty-free access to the Chinese mainland from January 1, 2004, whereas non-Hong Kong made counterparts will remain subject to tariffs of 24.2%. Moreover, in the area of distribution services, Hong Kong processed food and beverages companies will be allowed additional market access and/or removal of specific restrictions in the mainland market." to continue reading this report click on link above.  [quote from website 2004/09/21 - site report last updated 2002/10/21 Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Chinese Cooking & Food Recipes for Chinese Cuisine

  • Chinese Food Recipes Section link to

    "Chinese food recipes hand-picked from a variety of sources, indexed by type of food, cooking technique and regional cuisine." [fr. site 04.09.21]


Other Useful Sample Information Sites About China

Map of Hong Kong, Sai Kung District  | Relief Map of China showing major citiesHealth Alerts & ServicesChinese LawsTourismInformation Services |

Chinese Children's Animation-Cartoon Illustrators

East-West Graphics & Illustration Services for Marketing Chinese and English Speaking Businesses

Pictures & graphics on this page above show a small sample of multi-media business-education marketing graphic design and creative market image consulting work of Tony Yau living and working in Hong Kong.

Tony is a pioneer in the use of web design/marketing,

In 1996 he assisted Anson Realty in Vancouver, Canada in acquiring its first domain name and developed their first web site.

In Hong Kong he has been the graphic designer / creative design consultant on hundreds of Chinese and Chinese-English web sites:  including such well known companies-corporations as:

In 2002 Tony was profiled by Yahoo's children's area for his very popular cartoon web animated graphics for children [samples of which are in this area and in other areas of]

Whether you are a local Hong Kong business looking for a skilled graphics-media consultant, or a business in the English speaking world wanting help with your Chinese-China media projects - consider Tony Yau (with bachelor and Master's degrees, in design-media, from York University and the University of Alberta, Canada - with special insights in marketing to both Chinese and English language audiences.

In the library/archive professional world, he creative the first graphics for the electronic magazine in 1995 in Vancouver BC, working with a group of librarians, archivists and other information professionals.

See also our Introduction to China section of

Copyright © 2002-2003-2004 graphics and images by Tony Yau, photos:  Yu Xueyun (PRC), G-J. Zhang (Beijing), John Wong (Victoria, BC), Neal Chan (Vancouver, BC - graphics editing), T.Yau (Hong Kong), Angus Weller (maps-cartography)

PLEASE NOTE:  the use of sample images from work Tony has done with various companies e.g. Ikea, Xerox, Hong Kong City Education, web sites shown here are for sample purposes only.  The mention of these companies names in no way implies their endorsement of this web site or its services, nor does it imply this web site or its contributors endorsing of these companies goods and/or services.  The materials are used as if they are part of the "portfolio" of projects that Tony Yau and other contributors have participated in - as a matter of record.

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Anjolico says to children - WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE EATING -  in Chinese / English language characters | from Hong Kong's  animated cartoon cat

Personal cleanliness - Hand Washing Promotion for Kids

The above animated cartoon promotes health awareness and personal hygiene-cleanliness as part of eating habits for younger children e.g. in this sample - washing of hands.  Anjolico the cartoon cat also promotes fire safety awareness, emergency preparedness - a great way for parents to help their children be more aware of health and safety issues (in both Chinese and English languages).