THE CRYSTAL shopping and residential condos mall in Burnaby's MetroTown shopping malls district

South-East entrance of The CRYSTAL mall in  Burnaby's Metrotown  area - photo shows the large HILTON HOTEL to the right and residential condo tower to the left

Features of this mall include:

Probably the largest Chinese-Asian mall in Burnaby - with stores, public market, professional health and education services - all in addition to - the new HILTON HOTEL and convention facility which anchors the east side of the mall.

Other features include such facilities as the Crystal Dental Clinic and:

  • Central location on the corner of Willingdon Ave. and Kingsway on its North-West corner; immediately west of the SAVEON FOODS and Station Square Mall, and to the immediate North of Burnaby's Civic Square which is part of the MetroTown Branch of the Burnaby Library.
    • see the MetroTown area map for details of how this mall is located in relationship with the other malls in the immediate area, ie. Old Orchard Mall; Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, the Metrotown Centre Mall and Station Square Mall
  • Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre (probably the largest hotel & convention service in the MetroTown area) opens right into the malls shopping areas and large Asian Food Court [see for more information for this American Auto Association AAA 4 Diamond rated hotel]
  • Fresh Produce Market with assorted fresh fruits and vegetables, a number of Chinese bakeries, Barbecued meats, herbalist stores, and one of several Chinese preserved fruits specialty stores.  The market is certainly handy for residents of the residential tower that is part of THE CRYSTAL complex, as well as the large cluster of hi-rise condominiums surrounding the Metrotown malls area.
  • This mall with its many Chinese-Asian shops and services has the feel of a small city and provides a complimentary balance to the other malls in the area.
  • There are the usual assortment of dentists, optometrists, Chinese medicine-acupuncturists here also in addition to a host of consumer retail goods and services that make this a great resource for the whole of Greater Vancouver.
    • WALK-IN MEDICAL CLINICS with extended hours are conveniently located 1/2 block to the south-east at Station Square Medical Clinic or 1/2 block to the north-west (across Kingsway and Willingdon) at the Old Orchard Mall.
  • For more information about the mall go to their web site

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