Hong Kong, Chinese New Year Celebrations Activities :   neighborhood dragon dances, eating out in street restaurants at night, visiting young relatives and friends

Hong Kong, China - photos and graphics of Chinese web sites including, Xerox-Fuiji, Hong Kong City Education online portal, hotels, Ikea furniture stores, H.K. Yahoo e-cards with animation work by Tony Yau below photos of  busy streets and shoppers from Tony Yau graphic designs

Some fun animations and photos from Hong Kong graphic designer Tony Yau's virtual photo-album, taken during the Chinese New Year celebrations, eating out and holiday period in Hong Kong in 2003.

Be My Vanlentine - from animation character AnJolico - a Tony Yau cartoon character design

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dragon dancers in neighborhood Hong Kong New Year's celbration activies two little girls dressed and  waiting for Chinese New Year's festivities to begin in Hong Kong Hong Kong street restaurant at nite, friends waitng for food to cook on burners at the table - an evening out during New Year celebrations in Hong Kong Graphic Designer and photographer  showing off food at outdoor restaurant in Hong Kong
Happy New Year - from Hong Kong's graphic designers

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