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City of Shanghai - China's Center of Business & Industry Combined With Historic Culture and Romantic Travel Sights

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Detailed Street Map of Shanghai City - area around the BUND - original map covers entire city - by Weller Cartographic Services,  at MAPMATRIX.COM - for access to Shanghai regional map, maps of Beijing and Hong Kong etc.

CLICK FOR LARGER ANIMATED FYING Hong Kong annimated cartoon Anjolico nite flying over harbor created by Tony Yau


SHANGHAI - Official Municipal Government Website

A great entry point to this world class cosmopolitan city's government services

Office of the Mayor


SHANGHAI Colleges · Universities · Institutes of Technolgoy & Higher Education

The City of Shanhai maintains a portal information service for the following educational institutions.

list of colleges-universities-technology-institutes

"Established in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the four earliest colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in China. The university has taken a leading position in the colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in China, with integration of education, medicine and scientific research, complete disciplines and majors and high-quality faculty. The university has been established with 16 subsidiary colleges and departments, 4 affiliated hospitals, 1 E-Institute, 12 affiliated or cooperative research institutes, 8 research centers, the earliest museum of medical history in China and the library containing collection of over 50,000 books. In 1999, the university passed the evaluation of National Excellent College of Undergraduate Education, being the only university of traditional Chinese medicine honored with this reputation in China. The purpose of the University is to build up a university of traditional Chinese medicine that is high-leveled, researching, out-orienting, first-class at home and worldwide famous." [quote fr. website 2005.06.08]


see also BEIJING'S Universities e.g.

China - General Travel & Tourism in China

Introductory Overviews & Chinese Search Engines Info on China the Country

China Portal-Information-Directories

  • "China Online the information network for China
  • "the complete reference to China/Chinese-related web sites" (large directory of diverse links!)

Historic World News Archive Note - China and APEC 1997

  • Historic Speech by President Jiang Zemin, of the People's Republic of China
    At Dinner Hosted by Mayor of Vancouver, Canada - during APEC 1997

Chinese Legal Resources on the Net-Web

Government - Ministries & Departments, People's Republic of China

Hong Kong Tourism

Chinese Children's Animation-Cartoon Illustrators

Shanghai, China - Page Sponsors

The China Representative Office of Jastram Marine-Ship Steering Systems (Canada) is located near the Bund in Shanghai 加拿大佳事全機械工程有限公司上海代表處  Jastram.CN is a co-sponsor of this public information web page.

Jastram Shanghai-China Representative Office

Shanghai, China
Phone:  86-21-6595-1184
Fax:   86-21-6595-2254
E-mail: info@JASTRAM.CN

* 筵砃芢輛んㄗ耜芢んㄘ*
* 梨⑹嗆
* 嗆蔑
* 唅隙蛌嗆

* 摒蚚珘揤嗆儂炵苀
* ABS 摯CE 垀狤伂譯皛倰瘍
* 杅趼諷秶炵苀
* 蟀裝賑雄嗆儂
* 黃蕾紱嗆諷秶炵苀
* 萇薯嗆
* 俇度煌椏椕鷒
* 賑裝
* 嗆褒硌尨ん
* 嗆諷秶溫湮ん *

  • Map Shanghai Regional Map in pdf format 312 k.
  • Business News
    see new web site of Shanghai, China Representative Office of Jastram marine hydraulic steering and electronic steering control systems in Canada and Jastram manoeuvring-steering-dynamic positioning equipment [e.g. bow thrusters, ice rudders] in Hamburg, Germany.  Serving China's marine ship building industry.

  • ADDRESS CHANGE:  Jastram Engineering Headquarters and Marine Steering Equipment Manufacturing Center moved to bigger facilities in North Vancouver, Canada

    Address as of December 2005 (near by former Mountain Highway location)
    • 135 Riverside Drive,
      North Vancouver,
      British Columbia,
      Canada  V7H 1T6

         TEL:   1-888-JASTRAM
         TEL:   604-986-0714

  • Wagner Marine Steering Products has in 2005 been acquired by Jastram Holdings Ltd. in Vancouver and is now a Divistion of Jastram's marine steering services

China's Chinese-English Language Search Engines

Health Information

  • SARS Information Centers for Disease Control & WHO [World Health Organization] links

China-Canada Immigration-Business Consultants Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese & English

Jeffrey Lowe, Canada Immigration Lawyer | Vivien Lee, Notary Public & Registered Canada Immigration Consultant | Rita Cheng, Reg. Canada Immigration Consultant | Mona Chan, LLB | Alexandra C. Wong, LLB LLM MBA

Canada Immigration Lawyers & Registered Canada Immigration Consultants | IntraCompany Transfers | Work Permits | NAFTA Permits | Entrepreneur & Investor Immigrants | Study Visa-Permits

Global Logo of  Canada's Immigration Law Firm  of Lowe and Company

Jeffery S. Lowe, Canada Business-Immigration Lawyer, Vancouver BC

photo Jeffrey Lowe in office overlooking False Creek in Vancouver

Jeffery S. Lowe heads the Business Immigrant Team and the Global HR Team of Lowe & Company.  This firm has helped individuals and businesses in over 50 countries immigrate, do business and handle their intracompany transfer needs e.g. through NAFTA work permits and visas to Canada.

Visit for a wealth of information about Canada's Citizenship and Immigration programs.

Jeffery and his team of lawyers, notaries and relocation specialists are fluent in:  English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Fukkien (Taiwanese), and Teochew Chinese, Polish, and Arabic.

Jeffrey S. Lowe
barrister & solicitor, B.Comm., LLB
Lowe and Company
#900 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4J7
phone: (604) 875-9338 fax: (604) 875-1325

This page is in part sponsored by Lowe & Company as a public service for people looking for immigration lawyers and services in the Vancouver and South Western BC area.

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Mona Chan, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, CLICK for more info, regarding Vancouver business & immigration services

Mona K. Chan, LLB Barrister & Solicitor
Vancouver, BC
Canada Immigration & Business Consultant

英 语 · 中 文 · 普 通 话 · 廣 東 話

Go to her web site at

  • Called to the Bar in British Columbia
  • Law Degree, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Experience working with staff-officers, Citizenship & Immigration Canada in Canada and China (PRC)
  • Chinese Law studies and business management experience in People's Republic of China, PRC
  • Extensive NGO fund-raising and small business experience in Vancouver's historic Chinese-overseas community
  • Experienced ranges from textiles-fashion industry to hi-technolgy network building & communications industry
  • Founder-Publisher of University of Alberta Law Students web publication
  • Producer of Law Show 2004, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Undergrad studies at SFU and UBC in biochemistry

Contact info

Mona K. Chan, LLB barrister & solicitor
Immigration-Business Consultant

Law and Associates [law firm]
Vancouver, B.C.   Canada



Canadian Business-Corporate Graphic Designers · Creative Consultants · Book Illustrators · Cartographers · MapMakers

Canadian businesses doing business in Asia?  China-Asian businesses wanting to expand to English speaking North American market on line - consider the following graphics professionals with experience in corporate brand development and marketing in print, TV and Web media.

  • Canadian - Chinese corporate graphic designer and creative director in Hong Kong, China
    • Tony Yau BFA, MVA (Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Visual Arts from York University, Toronto and University of Alberta, Edmonton) - has designed web and print media/sites for Xerox-Fuiji, Hong Kong Telecom, Ikea furniture etc.
      Sample work in 2003-2004 for Chinese speaking audiences include:
    • Tony has also been the creative director for TV advertising commercials and web sites for Vancouver, Real Estate Developers and realtors e.g. Anson Realty (in the late 1990's)
    • A recent venture into children's animated graphics and toy marketing can be seen at a children's e-card web site.

  • Canadian - S.E. Asian corporate graphic designer and creative director in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; and Indonesia
  • Canada's PDF maps and cartographic / map-making-design specialist
  • Children's Books Illustrator and Interior Designer in Vancouver
    • Christine Wong
      see samples of her color pencil drawings and other illustration work for preschool and young children's art appreciation development classes held at The Crystal Mall, Vancouver's newest, largest, centrally located, Asian-Chinese shopping mall in the metrotown area of Burnaby.
    • Christine is trained in Hong Kong and Vancouver, a gifted illustrator-designer inspired by her 3 young children and supportive husband.

China · Canada · USA Business & Immigration Consultants

CLICK TO Canada's Business-Immigration Law Firm  of Lowe and Company, lawyers and business consultants  speak  Manadarin, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects

Mona Chan, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, CLICK for more info, regarding Vancouver business & immigration services

China-Canada Information Immigration & Business Legal Services for Vancouver, Beijing, ...
Mona Chan, LLB

Promoting Hong Kong and China Business Tourism Services

Australia Tourism Services

Honolulu, Hawaii City Government & Health Services

South Pacific Manus Island Tourism

Promoting Canada Business Tourism Services

Canada Work Permits-Visas, Intracompany Transfer & NAFTA Work Permits

Patents, Trade Marks & Copyright

Provincial Laws & Publications

  • intro. to provincial government legal information and lawyers services

  • Self Counsel Press · Legal & Business Publisher - books for the layman in everyday English

Manufacturing Standards

Insurance Services

Business Disaster-Emergency Planning

Canada Newspapers on-line

Canada English & Chinese Ethnic Language TV & Radio Services

  • CBC national TV
  • multi-lingual programing e.g. China Satellite News, Taiwan Satellite News, Canada News and programs in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese etc.
  • primarily a Cantonese TV and Shaw cable service in Vancouver with special coverage of Canada's Chinese immigrant communities in Vancouver and Toronto news as well as international news coverage, eg. through Hong Kong Satellite News
  • Radio Stations AM 1470
  • Radio Stations FM 96.1

General Information

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Being a TuCows affiliate [] the famous shareware and web services network - gives / ample experience to provide a full spectrum of web hosting solutions for businesses, from the SOHO micro-business, to full co-location 24x7 tech-support - these folks are based in Vancouver, they are bandwidth and personalized service specialists!

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The best looking web site in the world that is not seen, is not a good return on your investment (ROI
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Mona Chan, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, CLICK for more info, regarding Vancouver business & immigration services


Vancouver, BC, Canada immigration & business lawyer.

Speaks / writes fluent English & Chinese Mandarin & Chinese Cantonese Dialects

英 语 · 中 文 · 普 通 话 · 廣 東 話

Go to her web site at

Vancouver professionals guide to downtown hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions, B.Wong, BA, Library Technician - Vancouver Fact Checker


Canada Business Information - STRATEGIS
Sponsored by the Government of Canada

Canadian Business Magazines Online
Canadian Business Magazine

Canada Business Service Centres
Sponsored by the Government of Canada

Canada's Laws · Legislation · Courts
Introductory directory of Federal and Provincial information sources

Provincial Business Service Centres

BC Canada eBusiness Web & Blog Sites

  • BC also has an "excellent e-business information site called eBusiness Connection" at

  • see also e-Business Website Blog [for BC] e-business commentary, news, and insider tips for small business on a budget.

Canada Export Information

Sponsored by the Government of Canada

Employers Online-Web Resource

Sponsored by Government of Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

CANADA Immigration & Business Lawyers

Canada Business & Immigration Lawyers at #900, 777 West Broadway Ave., in Vancouver, BC

Lawyers, attorneys, notaries & business consultants with over 20 years of immigration service experience helping clients from over 65 countries.  Professionals fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Cantonese Chinese

  • NAFTA work permits / work visas
  • Articles on Business Immigration to Canada
  • Independent Skilled Workers & Canada Immigration
  • Investor Funds Approved in Canada
  • Problems - When things go wrong, with your Canada Immigration Application

Canadian Economic Policy Think Tanks

Since its formation in 1973, the C.D. Howe Institute has earned a reputation as Canada's most respected independent, nonprofit, economic and social policy research institution. Governments, the media, and Canadians in every region look to the Institute to provide balanced, well-reasoned, and comprehensible analysis of issues of national interest. From the beginning, the recipe for the Institute's success has consisted of equal measures of objectivity, professionalism, and relevance. [quoted from profile/history.htmlenglish/profile/history.html 2003/04/08

As an independent public policy organization, The Fraser Institute focuses on the role competitive markets play in providing for the economic and social well-being of all Canadians. [quoted from 2003/07/11] and Canada's Small Business Web Hosting solutions

Domain Names - Canada

  • the original .CA domain name registrar of Canadian domain names

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    with dialup services across Canada associated with and in Vancouver, BC Canada
    Uniserve is a full service internet connection and web hosting service.
    Canada's original dot.CA domain registrar, based in Vancouver, BC. is not only the largest registrar of dot.CA domain names in Canada, it also provides a full range of corporate web hosting services.

Shanghai, China - Page Co-Sponsors

Joy Ren, Canada business immigration lawyer, fluent in  PRC Chinese Mandarin

Joy Ren, BSc. J.D.





J.D., 法学博士, 不列颠哥伦比亚大学
(2012) 科学学士, 多伦多大学 (2008)


不列颠哥伦比亚省, 2012



任宇晴, 律师

任宇晴律师的业务包括公司法及商业 法,主要从事银行, 企业移民以及 房地产等相关业务。任宇晴律师为加 拿大银行提供贷款法律服务,同时也 为客户提供移民及公民咨询服务,包 括申请短期签证,学生签证/工作许 可,永久居民签证(联邦及不列颠哥 伦比亚省提名计划),加国公民。

任宇晴在不列颠哥伦比亚大学就读期 间,曾代表不列颠哥伦比亚大学参与 牛津智慧财产模拟, 在职业协会中担 任执行会员, 向学校多样化战略学习 计划中的残疾学生提供辅导。

在Boughton法律公司完成律师实习之 前,任宇晴曾在香港有名的商业律师 事务所-宝德杨律师行当实习生,并 在夏季学期期间,在一家全国性律师 事务所的渥太华分部实习。

J O Y   R E N,  B.Sc.  J.D. Joy Ren, Canada business immigration lawyer, fluent in  PRC Chinese Mandarin

* fluent in Mandarin & English
Joy Ren practices corporate and commercial law focusing on the areas of banking, business immigration and real estate.

See more info. click to
Joy Ren, JD

700 - 595 Burrard St.
Vancouver BC

Phone:  604-687-6789

Bruce Harwood, Saba Naqvi work with Joy Ren as part of the Business Immigration Lawyers Team in Vancouver B.C.  downtown BOUGHTON LAW CORP.

For more information about our multi-lingual business immigration services, including: Fluent in English, Farsi Language Services خدمات به زبان فارسی , Hindi & Urdu.  Please go to:

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