THE OLD ORCHARD shopping mall in Burnaby's MetroTown District · at the corner of Kingsway and Willingdon Ave.

Burnaby's Old Orchard mall, corner of Kingsway and Willingdon,  with medical walk-in clinic, Shoppers Drug Mart,  Liquor store, SaveON supermarket etc.

The Old Orchard Mall together with Metrotown Centre Mall now part of Metropolis at Metrotown Mall is one of the oldest malls that make up the huge complex of malls, parks and residential condos called the "MetroTown Area" in Greater Vancouver.  The other malls include:  Station Square, Metroplis at Metrotown, Metrotown Centre Mall and The Crystal mall.

Features of Old Orchard

  • Shoppers Drug Mart open extended hours each day, 7 days a week
    • A Postal Outlet located inside the Shoppers Drug Mart (note - this is NOT open 24 hours)
    • NOTE: walk 4 block east along Kingsway and you get to the Large 18-hour Shoppers Drug Mart (which also has a large convenience frozen and fresh food sectuibm abd large cosmetics dept and a Canada Post outlet - go to 4827 Kingsway, Shoppers info just under the Best Buy electronics store)
  • SaveOn supermarket
  • Medical WalkIn Clinic with extended hours
  • Liquor Store
  • Camera store
  • Private tutorial services and ESL oriented courses
  • Near by Cafes / food-outlets / restaurants
  • Located directly across the street from a 24 hour open ESSO Gas Station
  • Located diagonally across the street from The Crystal mall and residential condo complex with its large Asian Food Court and specialty Chinese-Asian food market and hundreds of shops and services.
  • 2 and a half blocks from the beginning of Metropolis at Metrotown mall etc.
    • see the MetroTown area map for details of how this mall is located in relationship with the other malls in the immediate area, ie. Old Orchard Mall; Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, the Metrotown Centre Mall and Station Square Mall

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