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Vancouver  book stores WHITE DWARF Science Fiction / Fantasy at author's signing with DAVE DUNCAN

Vancouver Specialty Book Stores

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Dead Write - Crime and Mystery Books Store

DEAD WRITE -Crime, Mystery  / Detective and  Technol-thriller Books

Located a few blocks from the University of British Columbia's 10th Avenue entrance, the Dead Write - Crime and Mystery books store and its companion the White Dwarf Science Fiction and Fantasy bookstore have been landmarks for 3 generations of local Vancouverites and over 25 years of University students coming through the neighborhoods' collection of bookstores, cafes, and specialty shops of "UPPER TENTH AVE." shopping and entertainment area and the inevitable student basement suites.

White Dwarf Books - Fantasy and Science Fiction

The photo at the top of this page shows the White Dwarf bookstore just prior to its move in November of 2002 down the street.  This picture should bring back many fond memories from community of enthusiastic and dedicated readers of this genre of books/novels/novellas/stores.

It was in this store that many of us had the privilege of meeting many luminaries of our world including the William Gibson who coined the term CYBERSPACE in 1995; Neil Stephenson, Spider Robinson, Dave Duncan, Guy Gavriel Kay, Sean Stewart and the list goes on and on.

Visit their web site (which is shared by Dead Write books at

Disaster & Emergency Management Planning for Book Stores, Libraries and Corporate Records Centers / Centres

Does your book store have its emergency-management-plan up-to-date?

see the services of Safety Smart Consultant Guy Robertson, Canada's foremost consultant in developing and maintaining disaster-emergency management plans and protocols for libraries, corporate and government archives, corporate records management centers, financial and hospital records departments and more -- at

Authors - Freelance Writers / Copy Writers - Editors

Vancouver is or has been the home of many well known writers such as:  William Gibson, and Spider Robinson (in the Science Fiction / Fantasy Genre), there are current and former lawyers who are well known as writers in the crime-mystery genre (contact Jill or Walter at the Dead Write bookstore for names). What people outside don't realize is that there is also a group of prolific freelance writers, freelance editors and business copy-writers who reside in the Vancouver area, including

  • Guy Robertson, is well known to library journals, insurance and corporate trade magazines for his work in disaster-emergency management planning.  Guy is also known for his sense of wit and humour, in the library world this is sometimes called "library-humour" (or library-humor) see for instance his articles on site
  • Teresa Murphy, well known in the Special Libraries Association world, Teresa was one of the first freelance travel writers to publish on the web in the pioneer web serial Provenance the Web Magazine for Information Professionals, being particularly known for her travel articles about Bucerius, Mexico, and Vancouver.  Her first articles introduced the world of "e-commerce" to a number of Mexican resorts in 1996-1997 (very early in the history of web advertising-infomercials)). 

    One of Teresa's trademarks is her sense of sparkling, friendly humor, her articles are ones to relish as you plan your vacation.

    When she's not busy working as a a professional special librarian and information researcher, she is a prolific writer and technical writing consultant to corporate clients, on topics as diverse as marketing strategies of Ballard power systems, to how to be a information professional.

  • Brian Buchanan has worked as a business consultant, a college business program instructor and lecturer, and a prolific freelance writer for business and travel magazines. 
    • If you are looking for someone to help you "make your point" about a social issue or develop a commentary piece .... take a look at some samples of his work at
    • His travel articles have also been well read on the web including such destinations, as Hadrian's Wall in northern England, canal holidays in Burgundy France, and a visiting of General George Custer's battle site of the Little Big Horn.
  • Adrienne Chan, PHD, while not a freelance writer per se, Adrienne and her associates have written-produced many adult education promotion and training manuals over the years as a diversity-equity services consultant in western Canada for government departments and NGOs (non-government-organziations / non-profit societies).  Materials written about have included topics such as:  diversity training | education & adult-education | organizational change | social justice | equity | policy | strategic planning | needs assessment.

    Visit to see some of the services that Adrienne and her associates might provide your organization.

Cartographers - Maps - Mapmakers

Angus Weller has been the generous contributor of many maps and map-excerpts being used throughout this website

Weller Cartographic Services will be providing more maps and samples as this web site developes.

If you would like Angus to produce a custom map for your client services or advertising project Angus is both well versed in terms of print and web media, and can be contacted by email at

Map - cartography projects in the past have included:

  • CITY STREET MAPS:  of Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Rio, Ulaanbatar
  • TRANSIT MAPS:  of Vancouver and Tokyo subway system
  • COUNTRY MAPS:  Mongolia, Papua New Guinea see
  • SPECIALTY RECREATIONAL MAPS: interactive GOLF BC maps online
  • TOPOGRAPHICAL & ROAD MAPS of Central America
  • Vancouver Historical Society Atlas
  • DATE CALENDARS of Vancouver with map insets
  • small business and community promotion project

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Specialty Reference Resources

Specialty Book Publishers

  • Canada Law - Legal Reference Books Publishers
  • Self Counsel Press · Legal & Business Publisher / Retailer, North Vancouver, BC
    • known for its wide range of legal reference books and packages for people to better understand various aspects and administrative legal procedures and process e.g. probate of wills, incorporating a small business, etc. - even if you plan to use a lawyer or a notary public to handle your legal needs, Self Counsel Press publications are a useful way to introduce yourself to areas of law you're about to become involved with.

Illustrators and graphic designers

  • Vancouver - Pacific Rim -Illustrators for Children's Books and Stories
    • Christine Wong, in Vancouver is known for her work with teaching young children introductory art appreciation and skills at The Crystal Mall education center (next to the Asian Food Court).  Her sample work illustrating Bible stories for children teaching materials [see illustrator-interior-design graphics]- has been on the Internet's Web since 1996 on such sites as one of the 1st ten web magazines for librarians and archivists in the world and is one of the freelance illustrators and graphic designers featured in
    • Tony Yau is currently involved in developing web based cartoon animated characters to promote children's hygiene and safety awareness - in the midst of the SARS problems in Hong Kong and China.  some of Tony's work as a business and corporate graphic's designer and creative director of media promotions for such companies as Xerox-Fuiji, Thai Airlines, IKEA furniture are seen on this site's China Hong Kong area
      Tony received undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts (York University, Toronto) and Visual Arts (University of Alberta, Edmonton) and has worked in Vancouver and Hong Kong with large and small specialty clients.
    • Andrew Teo is renown for his attention to detail and "pushing the envelope" for graphics on the web.  Currently on assignment in Malaysia, he has worked extensively in the past with Vancouver Internet Graphic's Departments and media-advertising companies in Vancouver, e.g. Andrew's passion for creativity in the visual arts and media has taken him into developing a career in both print and web media, living and working in Vancouver, Singapore, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

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