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Featuring traditional & contemporary Chinese watercolor paintings by
May Ip-Lam as well works in other paint media by acclaimed artists such as:

  • Vern Simpson
  • Eleanor Kobley
  • Lois Shannon

The art gallery not only features original artists works but also provides special order [sometimes while-you-wait] authorized high quality reproductions on a range of media backing, e.g. archival papers, canvas etc. by our own technical print experts.

The gallery is located in the precints of North America's oldest functioning Chinatown in Victoria BC.  which forms part of the historic "Old Town" district.

See our street map of Victoria, click here, showing proximity to the picturesque Innter Harbor, and shops and malls of Government & Douglas Streets.

Chinese watercolor painting by May Ip-Lam of song-bird asleep on bamboo thicket under full moon CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT


655A Herald Street  ·  Victoria, BC  Canada  V8W 3R6

Tel: 250-384-1629

Email:May Ip-Lam

For our Chinese visitors information, May speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English.  Other associates at the gallery speak English / Cantonese-Chinese.

Provenance of above image:  The above is a scan of a "art card" produced by the art gallery. The image is about 70% of the actual greeting-personal note cards that the gallery sells as a special souvenir-greeting-card. The cards are reproductions of original watercolors done by May.

Images & content copyright © 2004 May Ip-Lam

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