Photos of Hong Kong's Mong Kok shopping district  showing  specialty stores-shops and crowds of people on night streets - CLICK TO ANJOLICO'S HONG KONG GRAPHICS PAGE Hong Kong Shopping Guide and Consumer Recognition Awards by Anjolico the Chinese Cartoon Cat & His Local and International Friends-Club Recognizing Quality Prices · Exceptional Customer Service · Recommended by Local Residents-Tourists Consumers

This directory is a "thank you recognition awards" to China's stores & shops that provide:  trusted, quality retail goods & services to local residents & tourists-travellers

ANJOLICO® the Wireless Cartoon Cat's "Consumer Shopping & Services Guide"

Learn to play drums in Hong Kong, from Tony Yau
Hong Kong - Drum Playing Lessons From Tony Yau

You will learn:  Pop, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, Brush...

-- 教流行鼓/ 爵士鼓 Drum Teacher (粉嶺 / 旺角 上課)

Easy + fun + energetic drum lessons

訓練左右腦, 易學好玩

Instrcut's experinece inlcudes: (Master Degree in Creative, experienced in teaching)

資深 創作 導師(碩士)教授 (Students: fr. K2 - Adults)

-- 5 套鼓 Drum-sets + lots of percussion teaching aids + songs . . .


  • - (near Fanling train-station or
  • Mong Kok 粉嶺 or
  • 旺角上課)

Contact me:
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**-- "Drumming is Fun 2VCD" by me is also available

HONG KONG Stores Shops & Services Attractions

  • Hong Kong Street Restuarants & Food Shops
    dining guide by Anjolico's friends
  • Hong Kong Sporting Goods & Equipment
    Tai Chung Store in Mong Kok shopping district of Kowloon.
  • GUANGZHOU (Canton) Stores Shops & Attractions
    • Business Trade Shows in Guangzhou / Canton held 2 times a year, Spring & Autumn, this is "China's largest trade fair" started in 1957, today it is made up of 47 trading delegations ... a must see event for international businesses coming to or expanding in China.

Anjolico's cartoon comic strip has been a weekly feature in Hong Kong's Sing Tao Newspaper as well as other print and online-web publications.

Anjolico, the cartoon consumer cat guide, checks out a favorite  meal  of  fried fish, at a  Hong Kong restaurant

  • More of Anjolico's favorite restaurants, street food-eating places to come! ... For now click here to see a photos of friends eating out at a favorite street food restaurant and favorite Chinese BBQ shops.
    Note: featuring also Anjolico cartoon animation developed at the height of the SARS health problems, this is an example of Anjolico's public health education promotion for young children to wash their hands before eating, or when handling food.
  • For a fun page featuring a map of China's major cities and Anjolico eating his way "through the country".

Promoting China's Beijing Olympic Games 2008

When Anjolico is not shopping, or eating he helps promote the 2008 Olympic Games, by encouraging children to develop better health habits and exercise programs.  See the cartoons developed during the Athen's Olympics at Anjolico the Wireless Cat cartoon page about different track and field events.

Favorite Stores and Stories Section by Anjolico & Friends

This section will be for sample stories about favorite Hong Kong stores-shops-vendors giving highlights about some examples of exceptional service and value.

Anjolico's favorite web sites:

See Anjolico our cartoon cat on on 蔡少芬 {former Miss Hong Kong, and reknown TV actress with TVB studios) shoulders as part of a fundraising campaign to repair and refurnish schools in China.  [The former website that supported this fund raising was called "TrekForChild" Organiztion - however in 2008 they stopped operating the website and it is now a online child clothing store, unrelated to the earlier non-profit group, which is why we've deleted the link to the domain name in 2009 n.c. coordinator.






Sports Equipment / Sporting Goods Stores
Anjolico® Consumer Guide

Tai Chung Sporting Goods and Sport Equipment-Clothing Store - photo of winter skier in air - CLICK TO SEE SAMPLE PHOTO OF RANGE OF RACQUETS, SOCCER BALLS AND TABLE TENNIS ITEMS THAT THIS SPORTS STORE CARRIES

Tai Chung Sports Ltd.


Retail Products & Merchandise:  specializing in sporting goods & sports equipment of all types & descriptions.  See our indoor and outdoor track and field athletic gear and accessories:  from track shoes · ball-court shoes · racquets · swimming goggles · wind breakers · brand name rain/snow sports gear etc.
Photos of sample table tennis, squash racquets, soccer balls,  sports equipment  at  Mong Kok store - click for bigger photos

本公司將秉承過去一貫之服務精神,竭力為各位顧客服務。再一次多謝大家一向的 支持。

Location - Address

73 Fa Yuen Street,
Mong Kok,
Kowloon, HK Hong Kong


Fax number:  傳真號碼︰ (852) 2787-2340
Telephone:  電話號碼︰
(852) 2396-3968, (852) 2395-6903
E-mail: 電子郵件︰

Store hours   營業時間 ︰

Monday-Sunday:  noon to 11 pm
星期一至日 中午十二時至晚上十一時

Company-Store Introduction:


本公司前身為大中書局,創立於1950年,當時因售賣大學及中學課本,因此名為大 中書局。至1963年底,於九龍旺角花園街開設大中體育用品有限公司,至2003年 底,已開業40週年。

Business Establishment History:

  • in 2003, the business celebrated its 40th anniversary of serving Hong Kong residents-customers sporting goods needs and requirements.

Tai Chung Sports Ltd. sells retail products & merchandise:  specializing in sports gear and sporting equipment and related goods of all sorts.

本公司將秉承過去一貫之服務精神,竭力為各位顧客服務。再一次多謝大家一向的 支持。

We are here to serve, thank you for your support.

Visit our web site at:


This web page is sponsored by Photographs, David Lai, who is a regular contributor to   see also

"... The 17th annual Victoria International Track Classic will be held Friday, June 10, 2005.

Once again the Track Classic is part of the Pacific Canada Track and Field Series [emphasis added] held each spring in British Columbia, Canada.

The Track Classic is a two-hour entertainment event that welcomes the best track and field athletes from around that world to compete against our local stars.

The Track Classic is an invitational event for athletes meeting our minimum entry standards. Athletes wishing to compete in the Track Classic should contact our invitations coordinator.

New Canadian Record in 800m!
Gary Reed is ready to defend is 800m title at the Victoria International Track Classic. On Saturday, June 4, Gary won the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon, out racing the Olympic Champion and bettering his own Canadian record, with a time of 1:44.82. Watch Gary compete in the 800m at 8:55 pm Friday night at Centennial Stadium. ... " [quote fr. website 2005.09.05]

The runners, pole-vaulters, sprinters and womens hurlers shown in the photos above, are not endorsing this web site or photographer per se, by being on this web site. These photos are a demonstration of the quality of sports-photography assignments that can be undertaken by freelance photographer David K. Lai. is also proud to be able to display the caliber of world class track and field athletes that train and compete in Victoria, BC.

See also our China based Anjolico the wireless cartoon cat and his support and particiaption in the Athens and upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympics events at sports cartoons


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