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Health Matters Consulting, MaryJane O'Byrne TCM, CLICK FOR MORE INFO

TCM Practitioners

  • see Dr. B. Guan, TCMP work in Chinese Text on Medical massage & Accupressure-accupuncture

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See reference information at Consumer Guidelines

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Mayfair Shopping Centre
3125 Douglas Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8Z 6E3

Phone:  (250) 386-4337

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Chain Web Site:

#201 - 911 Yates Street

Phone:  (250) 381-1113

Note: this store is the one pictured on the left of the photo above

Introduction to "more than a drug store" London Drugs mini department stores centered around its pharmacy services roots. Services include:

  • Pharmacy Department
    • Prescription medication dispensing and management e.g. professional consultation with pharmacists, blister-packing medication to avoid confusion at home
    • Common non-prescription drugs-medications-remedies for: colds, allergies, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, "pain killers"
    • Nutrition Supplements, both name brand and no-name/house brands: vitamins, mineral supplements, complimentary alternative medicine and/or herbal based supplements e.g. antioxidants based on fish oil extracts, arthritic-joint pain relief supplements etc.
    • Medical Equipment: wheeled walkers for adults, canes, non-prescription reading glasses, pedometers, humidifiers, water filters etc.
    • Blood Pressure Self-Service monitoring machine
  • Computer Department: one of the first non-computer store retail outlets for "personal computers" PC's in the 1980s, starting with the early IBM PC clones, CPM operating systems personal computers (remember the Morrow Micro Decision line?), Software, Scanners, Laptops, auxiliary add-ons e.g. modems, cables, printers and printer supplies,
  • Digital Cameras, Cell Phones and Sound recorders and MP3 Player etc.
  • Photo Development Dept. which includes a digital to print media self-serve station
  • Cosmetic Dept: Large and varied stock of brand name and less known but screened products.
  • Basic convenience food section: including canned goods, fruit and vegetable juices, all the makings for a night of snacking and partying
  • A large Greeting Card Section to supplement the fresh cut and some potted flowers displayed at the front of this Drug Store / Convenience Store / Mini-Supermarket

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Yates & Douglas Store
Shoppers Drug Mart
1222 Douglas Street
Victoria B.C.

Phone:  (250)381-4321

Note: This store has a Canada Post Office Substation
which is open Saturdays

Town & Country Shopping Centre
Shoppers Drug Mart
3575 Douglas Street,
Victoria, BC
Phone:  (250) 475-7572
[located between Fairway Supermarket and Wallmart]

Upper Fort St. - Hospital Neighborhood
Shoppers Drug Mart
1627 Fort Street
Victoria, BC,
V8R 1H8
Phone: 250-592-4541
[located 5 blocks from Royal Jubilee Hospital]

Main Canada Web Site
"Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's largest retail drug store group meeting Canadians' health care needs for over 30 years. Products. Services. Convenience" [quote fr. website 2006]

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REXALL Drug Stores / I.D.A. Prescription Centres

McGill & Orme
649 Fort Street,
Victoria, BC.
Phone:  (250) 384-1195

Medical Arts - Rexall Drug Store
1105 Pandora Avenue,
Victoria, BC V8V 3P9
[located near the intersection of Pandora St. and Johnson St.]

Victoria Medical/Dental - Rexall Drug Store
1120 Yates Street,
Victoria, BC
V8W 3M9 Phone Pharmacy:  250-385-7701
[This pharmacy is located on the ground floor of a major medical services / doctors offices building 1/2 block from the intersection of Yates and Vancouver]

McKenzie - Rexall Drug Store
210-1595 McKenzie Avenue,
Victoria, BC
V8N 1A4
Phone pharmacy: 250-477-1342
[located close to the intersection of Shelbourne and McKenzie, the largest shopping mall and medical services district close to the University of Victoria UVIC.  For students living in the area there are also: medical walk-in clinics, sports and physcial rehab clinics (with physiotherpay, massage therapy and chiropractic practioners.

"The RexallTMTM family of pharmacies - A pharmacy first:  Rexall Drug Stores, Pharma Plus, Guardian, I.D.A., Medicine Shoppe Canada and Meditrust Pharmacy, members of Katz Group Canada, Canada's leading integrated retail pharmacy network.
"At Guardian and I.D.A. pharmacies across Canada our patients and customers have the best of both worlds.  We are independent pharmacists who own and operate our own pharmacy practices, bringing you community-focused and personalized patient care." [website quote 060420 - nb they are part of the 'REXALL family of pharmacies']

* * * * * Acknowledges Great Pharmacists-Pharmacy Services in Victoria

Thank you to Andrew T., London Drugs! would like to acknowledge the extra attention to detail that Mr. T. gives both customers and patients and medical doctors that use the pharmacy which he manages at London Drugs on Yates Street in Victoria.

Case example:  For baby-boomers and their parents who are taking multiple eyedrops for pre and post cataract eye surgery, Mr. T. goes to the trouble to recommend that certain drops be taken first before other drops, in part because of the difference in viscosity.  It makes sense that all things considered, taking the lower viscosity drop first will give it a bit more opportunity to "do its job better" rather than using it after a higher density/more-viscous 2nd eye drop-medication.  [this situation may occur when the doctors instructions sheet make no note of preferential order]

While it is not "necessary" to take recommendations such as this, he mentions it in his very pleasant and polite manner - to help promote the user get maximum/optimal benefit from the medications in point -- thus giving the patient-user a bit more of an "benefit"

Andrew states that he will make collaborative recommendations & suggestions to physicians so that the patient ultimately is better served by the doctors prescriptions. A recent office visit with a family doctor (E.F. MD in the McKenzie / Shelbourne St. area) reinforced the fact that this busy family physician agreed that Andrew's pleasant manner and cooperative spirit is well known and his help is very much appreciated by her and her clinic staff.

It is no surprise that Andrew is the manager of one of, if not allegedly the busiest pharmacy service within the London Drug western Canada chain of stores.

As Victoria, BC is seen as a retirement Mecca for many seniors, it is the efficient, pleasant, professional and individualized services provided by Mr. Tam and his associates that we would like to say thank you to in this "unpaid-testimonial".
N. Chan, MSW for

Note:  the above testimonial is a way to thank Andrew and all the staff in the pharmacy department in Victoria's Yates Street store. The use of the London Drugs photo in the banner and mention of their goods and services, is not meant to imply they endorse this web page/site. 

Note:  Andrew T. from the London Drugs Pharmacy mentioned above, did get the "OK-clearance" from senior managers at the store for this site to give its complimentary testimonial - noting that it was nice to be acknowledged by happy cusomers.

The author is a former medical-legal social worker in Vancouver and former consultant to the Office of the Pubic Trustee's Quality of Life Assurance Project for Seniors in 1986.
(see also: p.s. thank you to the staff of the Office of the Public Trustee's for all your great work in the 1980s and today, including M. Cresswell, L. Thomson, C. Foote, B. Steele, M. Dillon et al. all circa 1985-1990 and thankyou to staff at Victoria's Juan de Fuca Long Term Care Facilities Organization circa 1986-1988)


Complimentary Alternative Medicine · TCM Tradional Chinese Medicine Herbalists & Accupressure Practioners · Health Food Stores · Nutritional Supplements

Health-Organic Food & Complimentary Alternative Medicine CAM / Nutritional Supplement Store - CLICK FOR PHOTO ENLARGEMENT

Traditional Chinese Herbs / TCM
Fung Hing Hong Co.
614 Fisgard Street,
Victoria, B.C. V8W 1R6
Telephone:  (604) 385-1241
(Note photo of store's Chinese Sign at top of page - also you can see him weighing out herbs with a traditional handscale on the left side of the above photo banner)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners "TCMP" Registered in BC & Trained in China

  • Dr. Bing Guan, Registered T.C.M.P.
    Practitioner in Chinese medical massage & acupuncture, utilizing unique advanced techniques.

    TCM Clinic
    #111 - 1026 Johnson Street
    Victoria, BC, V8V 3N<>br> Telephone:  250.995.0028
    Clinic is wheelchair accessible by Johnson St. ramp
    Read here an introduction to Dr. Guan's work in Chinese Text - in English Text

Health Matters Consulting, MaryJane O'Byrne TCM,

MaryJane O'Byrne is a registered Acupuncurist Nutritional Microscopist, and Certified Biofeedback Therapist with a specialty in Stress Management.  MaryJane practices acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a complete medical system which has been successfully diagnosing, treating and preventing illness for more than 23 centuries.

TCM is based on the theory that disease or disharmony is a reflection of an imbalance in the individual. TCM and acupuncture work to restore balance and harmony in the body. The benefits of acupuncture and TCM are not limited to healing; one can expect increased vitality, energy and an enhanced sense of well being.

MaryJane graduated from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The services she offers are indicative of her commitment to continued education and to remain on the leading edge of holistic health.

MaryJane O'Byrne of Health Matters Consulting combines eastern principles with western sensibilities. Visit her website at

Photo of LifeStyle Market - Natural / Organic Food & Vitamins store on Douglas St.

LifeStyle Markets & Select Stores
"Vancouver Island's favorite natural food supermarket"
2950 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
Phone: (250) 384-3388

Open 7 days a week


Credits & Disclaimers

Please note: Medical-prescription drugs and brand name health food supplement / complimentary alternative medicine services mentioned on this webpage are meant for public information only. Services or companies mentioned on this page do not necessarily endorse this web site and are mentioned for reference & information purposes only. We recommend that the consumer must always be vigilant in the use-purchase of any product that claims to have health benefits.

We recommend that people should first consult their family physician and/or qualified & licensed pharmacist before trying any "over-the-counter" health-nutrional supplement or herbal remedy.

Chinese to English / English to Chinese text translation has been provided by Dan Tam as a courtesy of Isagenix weight loss products

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Pharmasave Pharmacy sponsored health library

Consumer Protection & Advocacy in Health & Wellness Services

See reference information at Consumer Guidelines

Metrotown area 24 hour Pharmacy Services
Centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Area, see the Shoppers Drug Mart at the Old Orchard Mall on the North West corner of Willingdon Ave. and Kingsway in Burnaby.

Weight Loss Products

  • weight loss / health products
    "Lose 10 - 25 pounds in only 9 days!" [quoted statement of claim]

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